Standoffs & Connectors

Standoffs & Connectors

Our reputation for supplying high quality fasteners, fixings and special components has seen our stock grow to more than 25,000 items but our collection simply wouldn’t be complete without our comprehensive range of standoffs, spacers and connectors.

Available in a vast selection of materials and finishes, our standoffs, spacers and connectors come in a number of sizes and styles, whilst our made to measure service ensures you always find the right component for the job!

Our range

Standoffs are an integral part of any electrical system, and whilst commonly utilised in home computers, both their male-female and female-female forms are essential to raising a printed circuit board above a surface. Connectors work with standoffs to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved and electrical system shortages can be prevented, whilst spacers allow entire bolts to pass through thanks to their unthreaded tubing form.

Our range of standoffs, spacers and connectors are designed not only to be high quality but to suit the needs of DIY enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. We only stock standoffs, spacers and connectors from the best manufacturers, whilst the brass, brass nickel, mild steel zinc, stainless steel and nylon standoffs and connectors made in-house guarantee market leading quality and a superior end-result. The electronic components we stock are unrivalled and have provided the basis of many systems now used in residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Why choose us?

While we may have a number of competitors, each of which claim to offer the most extensive and high quality range of fasteners, fixings and special components around, our 25 years of experience speaks volumes and will ensure you can find the products you are searching for at the best possible price and with the best possible service. We are experts in supplying components to a wide variety of industry sectors, including the automotive, construction, electrical, hardware, DIY and engineering markets, and our work with each has seen us gain an enviable level of experience and knowledge.

Our friendly and highly skilled team work to BS ISO 9001:200, and actively import, export and distribute quality products, all of which come with same day dispatch. Orders of £100 or more also come with free UK delivery, whilst customers from all sectors can browse our website for the latest special offers.

Take a look at our standoffs, spacers and connectors and place your order online. Alternatively, you can contact our team for further information and advice.