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As one of the UK’s leading importers and distributors of the fasteners, fixings and special components, our product range is unrivalled in size and quality. In addition to working with only the best brands in the business to deliver the fastening products you can rely on, here at BSJ Fixings, we use more than 40 years of engineering experience to design and develop bespoke parts in house.

Sheet metal is still one of the most varied and diverse materials used across multiple industry sectors thanks to its ability to be cut and bent into shape, but without the right fasteners, these flat metal pieces can be wasted. We supply a particularly large range of sheet metal fasteners, each of which uses the highest standard of materials and latest techniques to ensure quality, durability and safety, whatever its application. Find clinch studs, CD weld studs, clinch nuts, stand offs, panel fasteners, flush head pins, rivet brushes, cage nuts and blind rivet nuts by browsing our sheet metal fasteners products below.

Our team can also provide professional advice regarding your product selection, so whether you are unsure about which sheet metal fastener you need to finish the job or have questions about a product you are interested in please don’t hesitate to contact us direct.

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