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Fence supplies are a vital part of our range of fixings, fasteners and special components, after all erecting a fence as a professional can be a seamless and simple process with the right products. We work with the biggest brands to ensure quality fencing fixings that really do take the stress out of any project, and we also manufacture bespoke items for clients who can’t find what they are looking for in our standard range.

Browse a selection of fencing nuts, bolts and clips, including cup square bolts, shear nuts and bolts, saddle bolts, tee bolts, 358 mesh clips, and 868 mesh clips. Our fencing fixings are a part of more than 25,000 products, and by ordering from us you can enjoy free UK delivery on orders over £100, same day dispatch and a variety of special offers.

Our fencing fixings will ensure your project can go ahead as planned. Fix and support a number of fencing products and ensure a professional finish that your own clients will love. Our team has 40 years of engineering experience and can manufacture new components, taking you from the design stage and sampling to the development and distribution of the final product.

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