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It’s not just fasteners and fixings that we deliver to our customers, our range of bedding components ensures you have what you need to repair, manufacture or construct beds of all shapes and sizes. From guest bed legs, inserts, wooden dowels and linking bars to bed clips, T nuts, headboard bolts and mushroom glides, our complete collection guarantees a one-stop shop for all your unique requirements.

From our BS ISO 9001:200 accredited firm, you can expect the very best quality, and we have worked with clients from multiple sectors to ensure various customer demands can be met courtesy of industry specific experience and knowledge. We now have 25,000 products in stock, and this number is growing fast, and thanks to fast delivery - which is free on UK orders of £100 or more - you can get your hands on the bedding components and other fixings and fasteners you have ordered sooner than you think.

In addition to being importers, exporters and distributors of quality fasteners and fixings, we also manufacture bespoke parts from our Wednesbury workshop, which can be developed to your drawings and specifications. That means if you can’t find what you are looking for here, we can make components with quality certification from scratch.

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